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Whether you blog, sell products, services, looking for a fresh website design or looking to market your website, you have come to the right place. At iP Design we have been designing and marketing websites for over 10 years and we know that a well designed website combined with tailored website marketing strategies leads to success.

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It’s time to go DIGITAL! Life as we know it has changed and in many cases for the better. Even in adversity there is great opportunity.  In our generation it is streamlining operations through E-Commerce websites. Never has it been more affordable to set up an basic e-commerce website.

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A Look At The Essentials Of Website Design

What is Website Design?

Website design is the process of taking information and unique ideas and turning them into reality, much like an artist paints using brushes, paints and canvas we use a mix of graphic design programs and coding languages when designing websites. Ultimately website design is fashioning content, images and coding to so that is can be viewed by visitors using their web browser. Lets have a look at the essentials behind website design.

The Purpose Behind Website Design!

Website design begins with a definite purpose. That purpose can be to design a website that is suited to best portray a business image, it’s services, to sell products or simply to serve as an informational hub. Once we have the purpose clearly defined we can begin designing a website. In our experience a purpose built website combined with a sound marketing strategy is key to success.

Key Requirements In A Website Design!

There are a number of key elements that form the basis of a website design, they include graphic appeal, content, navigational structure, page load times, error recovery, usability and call to action prompts. Combining these elements in a website design mixed with creative ingenuity ends in the best user experience through which the user becomes engaged with the website and interacts with the website rather than being passive and so is more likely to take action. Correctly combined these elements add a level of professionalism to a website and encourage a “trust” factor inherently required for business.

An Adaptive Website Design Approach!

In an ever changing digital world and adaptive website design is king. And just what is an adaptive website design? An adaptive website design at its core is flexible, built from a modular approach each aspect can be improved, replaced or updated as required. As people change so do companies and so our websites are built using the most widely adopted CMS (content Management System) platform in the world. As such the website design is inherently flexible and can be adapted to suite any purpose through the use of thousands of plugin options that are designed to suite a wide variety of tasks.

Should Website Design Stop?

We have seen too many website that the design has stopped and do not believe that website design should ever stop. Why? The world changes, we change, business changes, people’s interest changes and the list goes on… However the main reason we believe that website design does not stop is because SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an on-going process and website design forms part of a great SEO strategy. As major search engine’s page ranking systems evolve so do the requirements of search engine friendly websites.

The Final Ingredient In Website Design!

Researchers say that you can have two people write the same text and when another person reads that text it has a different effect on that person depending on the spirit in which it was writ. We believe there is a hidden element in website design and that that element is PASSION. Without it a website feels empty and lifeless, missing a heart, the driving force behind life. Our passion stands out in every website design and we love sharing our passion with our clients and their website visitors.